A compliment is verbal sunshine!


Khara R.

Service Received: Sunday Morning Cacao & Guided Reiki Meditation

Relaxing and professional with a mix of fun. Always something new to learn from her experience and wisdom.

Tami H.

Service Received: Sunday Morning Cacao & Guided Reiki Meditation

The cacao was awesome; the experience was life changing. Reminder of what is important

Linda S.

Service Received: NEW CLIENT OFFER (90 min massage)

The very first time I met Renee I loved her energy and knew she was a very special soul. I feel so blessed that I was able to experience a massage with her. Seemed like I was trancing thought the whole massage. Such experience in touch with the intuition part just make it a Spiritual experience for me also. Really looking forward to the next encounter whether it is yoga or cocoa ceremony. I just love being in her presence

Tammie H.

Service Received: 90 Min Therapeutic Massage

Renee did a great job, just like always I only wish I had more time.


Carmin B.

Service Received: NEW CLIENT OFFER (90 min massage)

My massage was so great! I went in with really no issues just wanting a relaxing experience. As she was working, I could feel her working the knots in my back. It felt amazing. I will definitely be back!

Tyler H.

Service Received: NEW CLIENT OFFER (90 min massage)

I have received several massages from Renèe all paired with Reiki and would highly recommend her services. Her energy and attention to detail was very impressive, along with her warmth and love. Thank you again for the best massage of my life🙏❤️ 

Dwight H.

Service Received: 90 Min Therapeutic Massage

Renée is a healer. Incredible touch. The best anywhere.

Gail O.

Service Received: 60 Min Custom Therapeutic Massage

I like how great this massage made me feel--relaxed and refreshed.



Service Received: 60 Min Custom Therapeutic Massage

I liked Renee’s friendliness and at the same time professional way of explaining things to me. The massage was perfect. I feel really good today. 


Joseph F.

Service Received: Usui Reiki Session

I like Renée’s Reiki sessions they really help to restore me physically and emotionally. It leaves you feeling very relaxed .

Theresa T.

Service Received: NEW CLIENT OFFER 

Renee is always professional, knowledgeable, and absolutely AMAZING!!!


Service Received: 60 min Reiki Massage

The gentle massage with Reiki was just what i needed today. Awesome, as usual, Renee. Thank you!

Mardie B.

Service Received: NEW CLIENT OFFER 

If I won the lottery I would have Renee on a daily retainer! Best massage ever

Taryn K. 

Service Received:60 Min massage

Renee always goes above & beyond when it comes to everything, she’s great at knowing what treatments would be best to fit your personal needs because she takes the time to discuss with you what is going on in your life-physical and emotional! She’s very professional, knowledgeable & friendly, there’s no one else I’d trust my care with! Highly recommend giving her a call!!


Service Received:Reiki Yin Yoga Class

Renee keeps getting better as a yoga instructor. She is so genuine and knowledgeable and obviously loves what she is doing. I look forward to it every week!

Mardie B. 

Service Received:NEW CLIENT 

If I won the lottery I would have Renee on a daily retainer! Best massage ever!!

Theresa T. 

Service Received: 90 min Custom Massage 

Renee is always professional, knowledgeable, and absolutely AMAZING!!!

David C. 

Service Received:NEW CLIENT 

I experienced an amazing treatment. I plan on going back for another.


Service Received:NEW CLIENT

I experienced an energy reboot. Thanks.


Service Received:Mini Facial 

Renee always listens to my concerns and addresses problem areas. She's professional and warm


Service Received:60 Min Thai Massage 

Renee is the best - period.

Phillis S. 

Service Received:60 Min Custom Therapeutic Massage Skilled in finding the places that most need treatment.

Stanley D. 

Service Received:Usui Reiki Session 

Renee's knowledge is equal to her ability to address whatever is bothering you.

Sommer R.

Service Received: Shirodhara

Renee was super nice and explained everything to me regarding my appointment and what to expect. I feel so much better since my service.


Service Received: Chakra Balancing 

Renee is an absolute gem!! Extremely knowledgeable and professional. The best there is!!


Service Received: Massage

I love u renaee

MAY 2019


Service Received: Massage 

This girl is amazing!!!

MAY 2019


Service Received:  Massage

I love that you use multiple therapies based on the clients needs. At some points your therapy was more intense than relaxing, but it must have been what my body needed as I was pain free the next day and had no lingering discomfort. You are a gifted healer and I feel honored to have found you!

MAY 2019


Service Received: Shirodhara 

Renee was super nice and explained everything to me regarding my appointment and what to expect. I feel so much better since my service. 

MAY 2019


Service Received:  Reiki Session 

I really enjoyed my session with Renee. I like how she explains how she works. It was a calming experience. I can’t wait to go back. 

MAY 2019


Service Received: Massage

Renee is awesome. She has a knack for releasing all of your tension and you leave feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated. She always takes time to discuss your needs and is very knowledgeable, not only in the phyisological aspects, but in nutrition and the right mental focus. I highly recommend Soul Escape Massage & Bodywork. Mar 2019

That was so relaxing and had such long lasting effects I really feel it the next day too. So happy, that was body and mind, Thank You Laura Mar 2019

Renée is extremely knowledgeable, and listens to your concerns. I highly recommend her services.  Ginger P Mar 2019

Renee was wonderful! She hit all the spots that I had tension in, I felt so much better afterwards!!! Definitely going back!!! Nicole M Mar 2019

I have been going to Renee for several years, and she is just excellent in all phases of therapy.  

Anonymous Mar 2019

Renee is the best!! Tricia P Feb 2019

Always feel very relaxed and much muscle relief!!! So grateful for Renee and her amazing skills! Tracy H Feb 2019

One of the best massages I’ve ever had. Very knowledgeable in her profession, and she found all my aches and pains. I’ll be back for sure . Very relaxing and a great massage. Mark S. Jan 2019

Thank you for being who you are Renee, words cannot express my gratitude after our sessions. Thank you! - Jennifer G. Jan 2019

I have never had a better massage. Renee definitely listens to all your concerns. She pinpoints your every need. I would definitely recommend her! I can’t wait to get another one! - Annette Jan 2019

Renee is amazing. First massage I have had in a while that was truly therapeutic versus just relaxing. I will definitely be back! Thank you, Renee!  - Anonymous Jan 2019

I am blown away with how great I feel leaving each appointment with Renee! I have never had someone more in tune with how the body works and how to help you to feel better with each visit. I am so excited to book my next appointment and learn more from her each time! She not only helps you in the time she is with you, but has also given me tips that I can practice in my daily life and that is priceless!  - Kelsy Dec 2018

Loved her personality, professionalism very warmed and awesome hands for massages very helpful and her advised  - Lidia Dec 2018

Wonderful massage by Renee, as always. I have never experienced a massage therapist who is so highly attuned to the body and its needs. I always leave feeling absolutely wonderful. Thanks Renee! Linda Dec 2018

.She can find a spot that needs attention that you didn't know it did. It feels great when she is done  Anonymous Dec 2018

Renee's skills are incredible. I broke both my wrists, had surgery on one, and went to Renee to expedite the healing process and reduce scarring. We are working through that now, but I have no doubts that this will work. Renee's touch and energy healing is remarkable. I have more massages scheduled and a 5 week follow up with the doctor. I'll repost results then.Pam Dec 2018

Always feel very comfortable and leave feeling great. Thankful I found Renee Vera Dec 2018

It was probably the strongest massage i ever received, but it was never painful. Quite honestly, without exaggeration, I thought I might need you to come back in and sit me up. It was a strange sensation. But it was an effort to get up. Soon thereafter i realized that I felt much better all over, which has continued into the evening and next day. I really liked your introduction, discussion and "no talking during the massage" and feedback afterwards.David Dec 2018

Renee is very professional, skilled and overall I had a great experience. I highly recommend her, Dolly Nov 2018

LOVE, LOVE, LOVED MY REFLEXOLOGY!!!!!! Anonymous Nov 2018

I liked the variety of approaches to treat my specific area of concern. Gail Nov 2018

Renee listens...and designs her sessions according to your needs. She knows how to treat your problems, and uses a variety of treatment methods to do so. I’m a fan! Dwighton Nov 2018

Renee is a skilled and knowledgeable therapist with a heart. Phillis Nov 2018

Excellent therapy session! Some side effects to surgery I've had are gone. I've got a pep in my step! My body has been recharged. I hope to see Renee again very soon. We need to take care of ourselves. Renee knows what you and your body needs Jacob Nov 2018

A massage with Renee is always the best!  Danielle Nov 2018

Renee was very professional in both what I was looking for out of the service and explaining how things work to educate me so that I can what to do to maximize the benefits of the service. Very personable. Would highly recommend her. Doyle Nov 2018

Knowledgeable, professional, and affordable! Truly an expert in her field. Brian Oct 2018

Renee is knowledgeable and professional. Get office is relaxing and she customizes treatment based on how I'm feeling during each visit.      Anonymous Oct 2018

Renee is knowledgeable and professional. Get office is relaxing and she customizes treatment based on how I'm feeling during each visit, Anonymous Oct 2018

Plain and simple- Renee is the best of the best. Taylor Oct 2018

I love the way Renee's massage makes me feel. I love the feeling of floating on a cloud for hours afterward.Joy Oct 2018

I appreciated the total involvement in the moment and felt completely in great hands with Renee! She loves what she does and really personalized the experience. Just superb! 

Dennis Oct 2018

Renée was absolutely wonderful. She explained everything to me in detail and I walked out of her room feeling better than I have in 4+ years. Can't wait for the next session! Kala Sep 2018

I have had a bad back for over a year and a half, due to Sport injuries. I have been to several chiropractors for treatments, other massage therapists. I do not like the thought of having to take pain medicine, I run a business and can not be popping pills all the time. I heard wonderful comments and very persuasive arguments about her enthusiasm with her craft and her ability to help the body heal. I drove from North Fort Myers to North Port for a massage. When I arrived I was pleasantly greeted and instantly made to feel comfortable. Renee was extremely professional and Knowledgeable, Her books and pages to her books were worn like she constantly tries to improve on her knowledge and ability, (just a little observation I made) unlike many others I have been to in the past. She gave me the best massage I have ever received. Although I was not instantly cured by her I left feeling better and for longer then anyone else I have been to to date. I will be back. I do hope this helps you make the right choice for you.

Raymond Sep 2018

She is Amazing definitely going back to her for sure highly recommendable Ariel Sep 2018

I loved everything from the music to the much needed massage. The experience was amazing. It was truly A FULL BODY MASSAGE. I was so real rd afterwards. Renee is a TRUE PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE THERAPIST. cannot wait for my next massage.  Cindy Sep 2018

I want to thank Renee I went to the office and I have never received a treatment like that before in my life. I went in with a lot of pain and in a matter of a half hour Renee was able to reduce my pain level quite a bit. The pain I was having came from a surgery a year and a half ago had a lot of scar tissue and with the treatment and more treatment hopefully we can illuminate a lot of it. Bill Sep 2018

Renee's energy and positive energy. Marty Sep 2018

Renee is very knowledgeable. She spends time to find out what my issues were. I am looking forward to my next visit.Rick Sep 2018

Renee is an amazing healer. I love the Thai massage.Teri Aug 2018

Best, most professional massage I've ever had!!! Rene is a wonderfully skilled practitioner, with extensive experience in balancing and clearing energy through a variety of modalities. Could not be more impressed. Rene is a rare gem!!!

Gail Aug 2018

Is there an option for 6 stars out of 5? Renee is beyond amazing! Brent Aug 2018

Love getting massaged by Renee! She understands what hurts and how to make it feel better. Very knowledgeable! Anonymous Aug 2018

Renee is amazing! Very knowledgeable and attentive to your specific needs. She heals the body & the mind!

 Rick Jul 2018

Knots know her and fear her  Jerry Jul 2018

 Awesome massage, great sports massage and deep tissue, very strong hands!

 Chad Jul 2018

Loved everything. Have Jiu-jitsu tournament today and my body feels amazing. Ty Renee

Chad Jun 2018

Rene is a kind and generous spirit. That comes through in her energy readings. She gave me clarity and hope. I appreciated her frankness and guidance.

Carol Jun 2018

Renee is an excellent massage therapist in that she coordinates both the mind and the body when deciding on the best therapy for your particular needs.

Joseph Jun 2018

First experience was great! Looking forward to another visit with Renee soon.

Anonymous Jun 2018

Completely relaxing environment. Renee took the time to listen to my problem areas and she responded to my needs. She is a true professional! I had the best sleep after my massage that I've had in months.

Anonymous May 2018

Absolutely amazing! This was the best, most thorough massage I have ever received! The massage included aromatherapy and wonderful, relaxing music talking by therapist...ahhhhh....wonderful!!!

Sue Ann May 2018

Strong hands, found all the areas that needed attention!

Vincent Apr 2018

Renee is by far one of the best therapists! She is not only professional but extremely knowledgeable! She is trained in so much more than just massage and it’s makes a difference!!

Anonymous Apr 2018

I’m definitely going back for a body tune-up!   Anonymous Apr 2018

 Love love love love  Anonymous Apr 2018

Very knowledgeable and in tune with my needs. Always leave feeling rejuvenated,relaxed and energized. No reason to look elsewhere. Can't imagine getting more TLC

Richard Apr 2018

 Comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Renee was so knowledgeable. She put me at ease right away. thought I'd be sore the next day, but I really feel so much better. I'm looking forward to my next visit! Linda Mar 2018

 Relaxing, rejuvenating, renewing massage  Eliane Mar 2018

Very knowledable and professional   Janet Mar 2018

Renee is ALWAYS Professional and totally AMAZING!!!! Martha Mar 2018

Simply terrific and her calling. Jessie Mar 2018

Renee is very knowledgeable and skilled. I meet with her for regular therapy and also occasionally for acute issues such as migraines and muscle strain. She is a tremendous help. Renee is awesome! Carl Mar 2018

Amazing!! As always Sarah Mar 2018

Renee was absolutely wonderful, I would definitely recommend!  Tiffany Mar 2018

Renee! You’re awesome! Love ya ‘!!  Donna Mar 2018

Renee is literally the best Masseuse I’ve ever had in the 15 years I’ve been getting massages!

Justin Feb 2018

Rene' very conscious of her client's needs...this last visit was one of her BEST for me.... She address' my needs exactly! Chris Feb 2018

it was a great massage up there with the top 5 best massages. see if you can sign into New Port newbies and oldies on Face Book left a great review for you there.  David Feb 2018

Renee is amazing and has a wealth of knowledge to share.  Anonymous Feb 2018

First ever experience with Thai massage......loved it!  Anonymous Feb 2018

Renee is wonderful ! Daryl Jan 2018